The Betta.Life.Light takes advantage of the abundance of sun in Africa for communities living without the luxury of electricity. The product is designed for dwellings with an area of 50m² - 70m². The Betta.Life.Light utilizes energy efficient LED lighting elements combined with state of the art Solar Panels and Lead Crystal Batteries. The lights function up to 25hrs should 5 lights be switched on simultaneously with no available sunlight for whatever reason.

The product is easy to install (DIY) and carries a 12 month conditional guarantee. The standard system includes 1 x solar panel, 4 x ceiling mounted LED lights, 1 x LED reading lamp to facilitate studying, cell phone adaptors and cable. The standard system can be upgraded with an optional one, two or three LED lights and additional battery.


PDF Download 868C6 Quick Set up Guide.pdf
PDF Download SR208C.pdf
PDF Download MS Info Sheet - Betta Batteries.pdf
PDF Download MS Info Sheet - Betta Lights.pdf